Printapalooza @ PAMM

Sept. 10 Print-focused event at PAMM, 1 - 4 PM.

We will be hosting a drypoint station at the PAMM Free Second Saturday Printapalooza Program during DWNTWN Art Days, Saturday, September 10, from 1 – 4 PM.

Come learn some drypoint basics with printmakers Kathleen Hudspeth and Thom Wheeler Castillo; participants will use etching tools to draw into prepared, upcycled paperboard matrices, after which the printmakers will ink then print the plate for you using a common kitchen gadget—a pasta maker!

Drypoint prints will be printed with real etching ink on German etching paper.




Though Robert Rauschenberg is more known for his interest in lithography and screenprinting, some of his work was inspired by the fabric traditionally used to wipe intaglio plates—a starched cheesecloth known as tarlatan. Rauschenberg created a series of lithographs on fabric, called Hoarfrosts, which stemmed from this inspiration.

One the founding pieces of PAMM’s collection, Rauschenberg’s Untitled, from 1986 uses copper as a substrate, subverting the typical use of copper as a matrix (plate) for intaglio processes (which includes drypoint). Supporting that subversion is the fact that the media used to create the work contain many materials typically used in various printmaking techniques, such as corrosives and ink. Additionally, the imagery supports this investigation of printmaking in that it contains a reproduction of a woodcut and screenprinted photographic imagery.

About PAMM’s Printapalooza:

PAMM Free Second Saturdays: Printapalooza program.
Roll-up your sleeves and get inspired by the mixed-media artwork of Robert Rauschenberg. Get to know your local printmakers by exploring the different pop-up stations and print your favorite pattern using different printmaking techniques.
Partnering organizations and artists include:

Exile Books; Printmaker Amanda Keeley

Extra Virgin Press; Printmaker Tom Virgin

Little Haiti Cultural Center; Printmaker Akete Chevers

Turn-Based Press; Printmakers Kathleen Hudspeth and Thom Wheeler Castillo

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