Functional Print Series One

We Need a Hot Plate and Drying Racks!
11″ x 10″, Screenprint, Edition of 10

Because there’s still so much we have to do and get at Turn-Based Press, we’ve created a print series that we think might be able to help us do that.  Called Functional Print Series (One), it’s comprised of seven editions of 10, each of which depicts something that the printshop needs to function.  Here’s part of the statement that accompanies the work and which is also part of the Certificate of Authenticity which comes with each print purchased:

This series is comprised of seven editions of ten impressions each. The works depict items which we need to acquire in order for the printshop to be optimally functional.  The price of each individual work, and of the editions as a whole has been linked to the real-world market value of the items depicted. Various contemporary editions link the price of the works to market value, as opposed to physical limitations inherent to the manufacture of the work.  Most typically, the value assigned is associated with value related to what the market will bear for a particular artist’s work.  In the case of this print series, however, the relationship between value and cost is clearly functional: we need these things, and this is what it will cost to get them!  By purchasing one of the works from us, you aid us in reaching the goal of purchasing what we need.

We do have a source of funds to draw upon for some equipment purchases, courtesy of the Knight Foundation, and a great space for the press, courtesy of Miami Worldcenter, but there’s still a lot to buy, install and do!  Any purchase you make from us will go to offset the myriad costs involved with both starting up and operating the press, and we are sincerely grateful for your support.

Of course, you also purchase a bit of history, share in a visual love letter to the things which help us make prints, get a work of art, get 10% off the cost of a membership to the press (available in January)–and with the purchase of one of each of the series (all of Series One except We Need to Pay People!), get a free class.

Six of the editions depict items, but the seventh depicts the word “Labor”; this print is entitled We Need to Pay People, and it will be priced at a minimum cost above which buyers are encouraged to add any amount they think worthwhile to help pay those of us who work to both get this project going and keep it running.

We Need to Pay People!
10″ x 11″, two-run screenprint (black and gloss coat), 2012

All of the prints are single-run screenprints, with the exception of We Need to Pay People!, which has an additional gloss overcoat run that gives the image a subtle sparkle which can only be perceived when directly handling the work.

The prints are currently installed in our area in the Downtown ArtHouse building, and will begin to be available for sale in-person starting Thursday, December 6, 2012.

Installation view depicting the Functional Print Series and a collaborative work by KH and Adler Guerrier titled “Turn Base Mark”.