Hasty Show, 2013

Turn-Based Press opened a show of works-on-paper and book arts in our exhibition space on May 3rd, 2013. The show is on view through June 15, 2013 and include works by: Warren Craghead, Denise Delgado, Antonio Fernandez, Adler Guerrier, Sabetty Patterson, Rob Stephens, Kari Snyder, Jonathan Thomas, Carol Todaro and Peter Borrebach, and Javier Torres.

Hasty Show (web), Turn-Based Press 2013

The show has some wonderful pieces, and I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I do.

Hasty Show, Turn-Based Press, wall view two, 2013

Books, sequencing, pagination, text and the absence thereof are a theme which runs throughout the works.

Carol Todaro and Peter Borrebach, Idiopa(g)ean A Brok(op)en Form Page Song (excerpt from a set of nine books), 2010 ; Hasty Show, Turn-Based Press, 2013

Untitled Scenario 1 of 3, Sabetty Patterson, Hasty Show, Turn-Based Press

A missing gap in a collograph printed on two large sheets of paper can echo the smaller rectangles and pages of its neighbor.

Warren Craghead, pages from Un Caligramme; Hasty Show, Turn-Based Press, 2013

Rhythmic rectangles within rectangles–inkjet prints, screenprints, photos, books, pockets, and pages.

Hasty Show wall, Turn-Based Press, 2013

Javier Torres, There's a Madness to Every Method, 2011-12; Hasty Show, Turn-Based Press, 2013

Craghead zines, Hasty Show, Turn-Based Press, 2013

Untitled (scenes from A Verdant Salon), Adler Guerrier; Hasty Show, 2013

Friday, June 7th, 2013, is the final First Friday Downtown Artwalk of the Spring season, and Turn-Based Press will be open from 6 – 10 PM.  100 NE 11th ST, Downtown Miami, FL.

A video from the May 3rd opening, featuring the folding of some do-it-yourself books can be found here.

Lies All Lies, zine, Rob Stephens; Hasty Show, Turn-Based Press, 2013

[Edited to add: Hasty Show received coverage at Art is About, and in the Miami Herald.]